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Each gift you make to the Diocese of Laredo Catholic Sharing Appeal extends the mission of the Church, to teach, to sanctify and to serve, our brothers and sisters in seven counties.

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Catholic Charities

…so Catholic Charities – Diocese of Laredo will continue to create hope and provide help through the food pantry, rent and utility program and immigration services.

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…so young Catholics will be supported as they discern a religious or consecrated vocation, surrounded by mentors and accompanied by others who are also discerning their vocation.

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Catholic Schools

…so Catholic School teachers will be equipped to be missionary evangelists and build strong disciples who will be our future Catholic leaders.

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Safe Environment

…so that all children and young adults are assured a safe environment through proper education, training and screening of clergy, lay leadership and volunteers within our diocese.

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Retired Priest Support

…so that, as a community, we will continue to provide healthcare to our beloved retired priests who previously served our parishes.

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Seminary Support

…because our Diocese needs more priests. Through CSA donations, our seminarians will continue to receive financial support for their priestly formation and education.

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Adult Faith Formation

…so each individual seeking to grow deeper in their faith can find inspiration and knowledge through the courses offered through the Pastoral Institute.

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Sacramental Preparation

…so our Diocese will have well-formed Catechetical leaders to share our Catholic faith with love and truth to the children of our community who are the next generation of Catholic leaders.

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Casa Guadalupe

…so that Casa Guadalupe, the diocesan discernment house, will be a place where young men strengthen their conviction to pursue a life of service to the Catholic Church through daily prayer, formation and Mass.

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Jail Ministry

…so those who find themselves incarcerated can keep their faith alive through the dedicated efforts of those who serve in Jail Ministry.

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Family Life

…so the Family Life Ministry can continue their programs and services that support the vocation of marriage and bring awareness to the sanctity of all human life.

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Catholic Radio KHOY 88.1 FM

…so the programming at KHOY 88.1 FM can continue to provide spiritual nourishment and uplift all its listeners.

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La Fe

…so that La Fe Magazine can continue to evangelize, inform and inspire our diocesan community through its content on faith, theology, prayer and spirituality.

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Stewardship and Development

…so that there will be awareness and education on the role that we, as individuals, have as stewards of God to keep our Church alive and vibrant through the generous giving of our time, talent and treasure.

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