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Facilities Management Office

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The Diocese of Laredo, as owner of property that has great monetary value, has the responsibility to be good stewards of all assets entrusted to the Diocese. We can accomplish this by following Diocesan Policy and by taking advantage of the experts serving the Diocese. It is our joint responsibility to ensure that all construction projects reflect our good stewardship.

Our goal is to make capital improvement projects successful and to avoid delays and budget overruns. Project requestors should avail themselves of diocesan consultants to make certain that all parish construction projects are architecturally and liturgically appropriate and are constructed to the highest standards.

A “Feasibility Study” shall be required for any capital improvement whose estimate is projected to be $15,000 or more. A “Feasibility Study” shall also be required for multiple capital improvements totaling $15,000 or more within a twelve (12) month period. Capital improvement projects, architectural firms and engineering firms must be approved by our Bishop and Fiscal Office prior to execution of any contracts.


The Diocesan Facilities Manager is available to assist with the process of funding, designing and building a project. More information on the approval process and an example of a “Feasibility Study” can be found at the “Feasibility Study” and other links shown below.

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Contact Information

Diocesan Facilities Management Office
1901 Corpus Christi St.
Laredo, Texas 78043

(956) 727-2140 ext. 7859

Benjamin Martinez
Director of Facilities


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