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Catholic Charities 

Catholic Charities-Diocese of Laredo (CCDOL) is a non-profit organization under the auspices of the Diocese of Laredo. As a multi-program human services agency, CCDOL is a community-based organization that has been serving the people of the  Diocese of Laredo, located on the Mexican-American border, serving the areas Webb, Zapata,  Maverick and Jim Hogg counties since the 1970's.


Family Life

The mission of the Family Life Office is to be faithful to the Diocesan vision, demonstrating respect for families and individuals, serving with joy to convey Christ's message of love working in collaboration with other Diocesan departments and community organizations to further true catholic beliefs

Stewardship and Development Office

Our mission is to assist, teach, affirm and empower Catholics in the Diocese of Laredo to live as disciples and stewards of the Church.

As Christians and faithful disciples, we are asked to receive God's gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly,  and return them with increase to the Lord. Our faith response leads to a way of life we call stewardship that seeks to express our oneness in the mission of Christ. (U.S. Bishop's Pastoral Letter: A Disciple's Response, 1993)

Safe Enviornment

The Diocese of Laredo is proactively engaged, through the education, training, and screening of its clergy, lay personnel, and volunteers, in maintaining a safe environment for children and young persons in all its churches, facilities, and sponsored events.


There is a Marriage Tribunal or Diocesan Court in every Catholic Diocese of the world. The Tribunal in the Diocese of Laredo is supervised by the delegate of the Bishop, the Judicial Vicar. He together with a staff of trained priests, deacons and lay persons, offers assistance to individuals who formally request that the Church study their marriage in order to determine if there is any possibility of a Declaration of Nullity. Having received such a declaration an individual then has the possibility to contract another marital union under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church.

Cursillo Movement

The Cursillo movement in the Diocese of Laredo, Texas is alive and well! For those of you who are searching, Cursillos in Christianity is a movement for Catholic renewal that begins with a short, three-day course in Christianity. Typically, a Cursillo begins on a Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. and ends on a Sunday evening at 7:30 p.m. The Cursillo weekend is composed of talks given by lay men/women and clergy. The Cursillo is centered on the Eucharist and the talks are interwoven with prayer, meditation, daily Mass and Holy Communion. The movement is supported by the "Fourth Day Community," men and women who have lived a Cursillo and who have persevered in their walk with Christ.

Pastoral Institute

The mission of the Pastoral Institute of the Diocese of Laredo is to "make disciples" (Mt 28,19) by making the Catholic faith known, loved and lived among adults and young adults by helping them to become true disciples of Jesus Christ through leadership and faith formation opportunities.

Youth Ministry

Whether you are looking for a youth group to join or would like more information about what is happening in youth ministry today, we are glad you are here!


Simply put, it is a call from God to live your life as He has called you to live. It is the giving of your entire self to Him out of love for Him. For you are called to learn to love Him in the life so you can see Him, as He is, face to face in our lives to come. We daily live this in our sacrifice for Him and for our neighbor, by following His simple command, to take up our cross, to follow Him and to learn how to lay down our lives for Him and for His people.


Catholic Cemetery

 Catholic Cemeteries are committed to the corporal work of mercy, performing a ministry of service to all the faithful. 

Adult Faith Formation

The mission of the Department of Adult Faith Formation is to "make disciples" (Mt 28,19) by making the Catholic faith known, loved and lived among adults and young adults by helping them to become true disciples of Jesus Christ through leadership and faith formation opportunities.

Sacramental Preparation

The office of Sacramental Preparation of the Diocese of Laredo is committed to witnessing and proclaiming the reign of God as we minister to catechetical leaders and all involved in the catechetical ministry in our diocese.

KHOY Radio

The mission of KHOY 88.1 FM is to provide community support and to enrich the lives of the people of South Texas through programming which amplifies Christian values. KHOY programs focus on the interests and concerns of its listeners and provides them with information, education, inspiration and a sense of peace and hope.